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Demi Dance Classes

What is the Demi Dance Program? 

The Demi Dance Program is a free 8-week pilot dance program for qualified children ages 3-8 that teaches dance through storytelling. Each class meets 1x per week for 50 minutes. The final class will be an informal performance to showcase what your child has learned and give them the opportunity to perform! Classes are offered in the Fall, Winter, and Spring throughout the 2023-2024 school year. 

How do I sign my child up for the Program?
Registration will open with various Dance Studio Partners three times through the year. August 2023, October 2023, and February 2024. Check back for more details. 

How do I prepare for my child's first dance class? 

  1. Register and Sign all waivers. 

  2. Arrive on time. 

  3. Wear your ballet shoes and attire you can dance in. 

  4. ​Try to have your child use the restroom before class.

  5. No outside filming or pictures unless permitted. Always ask your dance teacher’s permission before recording or photographing any portion of your dance class.

  6. Unless there is an emergency, your child should stay in the studio for the entirety of class with the dance teacher(s)

  7. Encourage your child to try their best. 

  8. Perfect attendance means completing all eight classes in the program and children will receive a special award! 

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