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KDACC Program Overview


With support from the KDA California Creative Corps, "Madame Adams" is partnering with Dance Teachers and Studios across California to deliver free Demi Dance programs to qualified members of the community. Over the course of nine months, free Demi Dance classes will be offered to qualified children (ages 3-8) and their families across three California Counties throughout the 2023-2024 school year in close collaboration with local Dance Studios located in the lowest quartile on the Healthy Places Index.

The Demi Dance Program partners with Dance Studios to hire and train dance teachers within the local areas to incorporate world-class community programs in their own studios so that every child, regardless of their family’s socioeconomic status, has the opportunity to be enriched, active, and educated in the highest form of dance training and storytelling.

Demi Dance Programs will be offered in both English and Spanish to maximize inclusion, and will also include website resources with class videos, books, props, and downloadable music so children can continue their dance journey at home and apply what they’ve learned through the magical storytelling of Demi Dance.

Demi Dance missions to help children access the magic of dance class while encouraging self-acceptance by making heart-centered decisions and promoting inclusion by seeing the special talents in everyone.


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KDACC Goals & Objectives 

Let’s Dance Together!

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